Sale And Leaseback

As companies look for unique and effective methods to generate capital and/or retire debt, an innovative, fast, and low-cost solution might be a Sale and Leaseback transaction.

Nexseer Capital structures Sale and Leaseback transactions (from $5MM – $75MM+) for mid-sized and large companies that need to leverage the equity in current assets as a strategic way to generate liquidity to reinvest in growth, restructuring or simply providing a “capital cushion” for the business.

What is a Sale and Leaseback?

Simply put, an equipment Sale and Leaseback transaction enables companies to monetize existing assets (plant, equipment and machinery) through a variety of flexible lease structures.

Sale and Leaseback Benefits?

An equipment sale and leaseback offers increased liquidity, optimized cash flow, and improved balance sheet presentation while allowing companies to reinvest that capital into higher ROI growth and business strategies.

From Complexity to Clarity

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