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From CNC production floors to injection molders and Tier 1 Auto to consumer goods, Nexseer has offered solutions for equipment and project financing that reach far beyond the limitations of traditional lending. Here’s a few examples of how Nexseer can help your company move from complexity to clarity:


recycling plant financing

CoGen and Power

Line Build-Outs

Injection Molding

Warehouse Automation


Our Manufacturer Clients are CapEx-intensive companies or companies with current equipment financing needs that typically range between $500,000 and $100,000,000. They frequently seek:

From Complexity to Clarity

Our case studies illustrate Nexseer’s speed, flexibility, highly competitive finance structures and our ability to reach beyond the limitations of traditional lending.

“Life Is A Highway”

“Whatever It Takes”

From wastewater treatment facility projects to funding factory automation during a pandemic, more examples of Nexseer creativity can be found by clicking below.

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