Environmental & Waste Management

Our Environmental & Waste Management clients have credit backgrounds spanning investment grade to ‘single B’ as well as Private Equity backed and include US-based equipment or project funding needs of $1,000,000 and above.

The complexities our clients have faced included:

  • Extended construction/progress funding requirements exceeding 12 months
  • Highly customized assets
  • High percentage of soft costs
  • ITC and other tax considerations
  • Underwriting complexities related to SPVs, off-take agreements, and project management
  • Hazardous materials implications


Nexseer Capital provides term financing, for three to 15 years, for projects requiring $1-50MM in funding

From Complexity to Clarity

We seek to provide clients with the following:

Supplemental capital to their existing bank relationships focused on complex capital projects

Maximize capital efficiency and provide the optimal advance rates by financing soft costs such as engineering, construction, delivery, software, tax, etc.

Optimize cash flow by offering extended terms or back loading repayment to provide for the ramp up in cash flows associated with the project

Certainty of execution in complex situations such as long lead times, extended construction periods, highly specialized assets, foreign components (currency, cross-border assets, tax)

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